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*~Le RULES~* .
It is vitally important that you abide by these rules. Any rules that have not been fulfilled will automatically earn you a "You Suck" stamp and you will not be happy because we will also launch blue apples at you by potato gun :(

No warnings, sorry.

1) Put this application under an LJ cut.

2) ... Fill it out.

3) You can put whatever in your subject, but you must label your lj cut, "I laugh at your pain."

I ate number 4 :(

5) You MUST submit pictures (nothing enormous. 400 pixels by 400 pixels is nice) and one 100 x 100 picture (Or something around that size. I'm flexible).

5b) YOU MUST PROMOTE and put link in your application

6) At the bottom of your application, you are strongly encouraged to write, "I have abided by the rules... this time." or you will not get in.

7) ... Obey the Moderators. or die :D

8) Put long posts under an LJ cut, please!

9) 3.141502654...+ years old please.

10) You're free to argue back, but don't expect us to really care.

11) Do not comment in any other post except your own before you are accepted.

12) Inactivity gets the boot.

13) You MUST post an application to be accepted and you must post an application WITHIN 2 DAYS of joining the community

14) I suppose it's suffice to say that this is a humor community for shits and giggles. I realize that the community isn't open to all members. You have 7 days to put up an application after you have been allowed to post as a member. Extensions (up to two weeks) are given upon request. First 5 applicants are automatically in.

[-In the morning I am-]
[-All I need is-]
[-Love is-]
[-I'm afraid of-]
[-I dream about-]


Gay Marriage:
Age of Consent:
Drug Use:
Teen Sex:

Favorite Books:

What makes you think you'll do well here? >:(


Promote or I will cry D:

The Notorious Trio

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