drunky brewster (pumpkinsoup) wrote in notorioustrio,
drunky brewster

I've got the blueberry poptart blues..

[-Food-] Inari
[-Drink-] I love me some vodka and redbull. But I'll settle for iced tea too.
[-Color-] Pink. In all its many shades
[-Album-] At this very moment it's Andrew Bird's The Mysterious Production of Eggs. It's convinced me to learn the violin again.
[-Shoes-] My chucks. Wait, actually there's this pair of shoes that I really love, by Dior, but I don't own them, so that probably doesnt count.
[-Animal-] Squirrel. They're so funny.
[-TV Show-] That 70's Show
[-Movie-] The Rocky Horror Picture Show
[-Song-] Girl Anachromism - The Dresden Dolls
[-Cartoon-] Daria! La la la la la *trying to type the tune...*

[-Religious- ] Not really. I used to be, but not so much now.
[-Understanding-] Yes.
[-Open-minded-] Yep.
[-Arrogant-] I don't think I am.
[-Insecure-] Sometimes.
[-Interesting-] Yesh. At least I think so.
[-Random-] Oh yeah.
[-Hungry-] At this moment? Yeah, but I'm too lazy to go get food. Besides, it's like 2 oclock in the morning.
[-Friendly-] I try to be.
[-Smart-] As long as its not math.. Or putting together puzzle rings.
[-Moody] That depends.
[-Childish-] It annoys the hell out of my mom how childish I can be.
[-Independent-] As independent as someone who doesn't drive can be.
[-Hard working-] When I really put my mind to it.
[-Organized-] It's organized chaos..
[-Healthy-] Sure. I'm a vegetarian. so yeah.
[-Emotionally Stable-] Well, my emotions got thrown around quite a bit last night...
[-Shy-] Terribly.. But not so much on the net.
[-Difficult-] I can be.
[-Attractive-] I don't think I am. But people tell me otherwise.
[-Bored easy-] yes
[-Messy-] I forget what my floor looks like..
[-Thirsty-] I coulf go for some water. Throat's a bit dry.
[-Responsible-] Most of the time
[-Obsessed-] Oh yes. I obsess lots.
[-Angry-] Not too much. But when I am, all hell breaks loose.
[-Sad-] Yes. But that's cuz my emotions got thrown last night. Damn boys and there complications.
[-Happy-] Most of the time
[-Hyper-] When I've had my daily dose of candy.
[-Talkative-] Not at first. But then yes.

[-In the morning I am-] Not quite functional. I fell up the stairs today when I got out of bed.
[-All I need is-] Music.
[-Love is-] Always over in the morning
[-I'm afraid of-] lonelyness
[-I dream about-] Moving to australia.

[-Pictured your girlfriend/boyfriend naked-] yeah.
[-Been in love-] Yes.
[-Cried when someone died-] For days.
[-Lied-] Haven't we all?

[-Coke or pepsi-] Dr. Pepper
[-Flowers or candy-] candy.
[-Tall or short-] well, having been short all my life, tall is definitally better.

[-What do you notice first-] The eyes
[-Worst thing to do-] um, not talk?
[-Turn-ons-] eyeliner, feet
[-Turn-offs-] telling me about what you'd do with your past loves.. in great detail..


[-Fallen for your best friend-] Yes.
[-Been rejected-] Sort of.
[-Rejected someone-] Yep
[-Used someone-] I don't think so
[-Been used-] Yes. Terrible feeling/
[-Done something you regret-] Yeah
[-Fallen for your best friend's boyfriend-] Nope
[-Sit on the Internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you-] Mmmhm.
[-Cried because someone said something to you -] yeah.. just yesterday too..

[-Smoke cigarettes-] Its my bad habit I cant give up
[-Could you live without the computer-] I don't think so
[-Color your hair-] Hasn't been a natural colour since I was in the 7th grade (time check, im 20 and am taking a break from college)
[-Ever get off the damn computer-] I do. But its summer now and I have nothing better to do.
[-Have a boyfriend/girlfriend-] No. At least I dont think so. Things are complicated now.
[-Habla espanol-] what?
[-How many peeps are on ur buddy list-] about 2 on aim, and then a bunch on msn
[-What hurts the most?] Knowing you love someone and they love you back but theres just nothing you can do, since that other person has a girlfriend..


Gay Marriage: gays are people too so why shouldnt they be allowed to marry?
Abortion: its the woman's body, so she should decide. not the gov.
Age of Consent: Its good how it is.
Drug Use: tried it, don't think its good.
Teen Sex: most likely they'll do it anyway, so they may as well be educated and do it safely.

promo!: http://www.livejournal.com/users/haraku/111637.html

pictures!: me posing in the bathroom.. funny how the best light is in there.

too cute for words (at least I think so)

behold my masterpiece! I should note that I made this while wasting time.. in art class.

I have abided by the rules... this time
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