jayla137666 (jayla137666) wrote in notorioustrio,

YOu know what I hate?

Just because I'm a teenager and because I feel pain or when I talk about how I feel like the world's against me, it's automatically angst and people just brush it off.

You know, I'm more than a bundle of hormones. I /do/ think for myself. I /know/ when I'm being angsty, but a teenager's life isn't just glamour and shine and rebellion.

We feel pain too--but people are skeptical because we're /TEENAGERS/

but once we're adults, oh, then comes all the diagnostics. You're CRAZY.

Yeah. I've been "CRAZY" since I was a teen. You JUST figured this out?

I mean, it's hard to tell when a teen is just really angsty or if a teen actually has serious problems, but there are people who just /assume/ that if you're an unhappy teenager, you're suffering from a lot of angst and you're just being ungrateful.

And that pisses me off.
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