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Okay, so you and your debate partner are working hard, preparing for the debate. Finally, it's the last night, and you're pretty much done. You talk with you opponents and decide it's more important for us to get good grades than for either side to win. So you exchange some of your questions you're planning on asking eachother in your cross. It's the last night remember, and when you read their questions... they only have 4, and they're somewhat confusing, one of them is wrong, and one of them is only half right. Your partner has already mentioned several ways of using this fact to your advantage, and you and your partner are pretty sure you're going to rip them apart.

Uh, so do you just ignore their errors and say, they should have done their work earlier, and done their research, now we're going to win the debate, or do you e-mail them and let them know of their errors even though it could mean you lose?
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Considering that they're so incompetent as to have left those errors in there in the first place, they're probably not going to know how to use the evidence to their best advantage anyway. I'd help them as much as they've helped me and leave them on their own from there (and of course, keep a couple tricks in teh form of evidence that completely confounds their side up my sleeve).

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I wouldn't say anything, use it to my advantage, and also be prepared for better questions.

But then again I don't trust easily.
Well. I think I would let them know that I didn't think they were properly prepared. If they choose not to do anything about it, then I'd shrug it off and let us rip them apart.


We win.
yeah.... I'm gonna let Anna dole out the naughty nice points.