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Your parents are split. You live with your mother and your dad lives god-knows-where with your little six year old sister. Your six year old sister is named Isabella. She has dark curly hair, big brown round eyes, and chubby rosy cheeks. You two have been nearly best friends even though you both live far away. You call eachother every week, and your little sister enjoys telling you about the latest picture of you she drew with a purple crayon. You can tell that this little critter wants to just like her big sister when she grows up and admires you greatly.

It is your one year anniversary with your significant other, who is a very charming, loving young man. Your significant other has taken a lot of time making grand plans to make reservation an expensive restaurant for two and you /must/ show up at 6:30 for whatever reason. He has even taken the liberty of buying a bottle of sparkling apple cider and ensured that tonight would be a clear enough night to see the stars, so that you may gaze upon them as you sit in the stretch of lush green grass behind the restaurant while sipping sparkling cider from a crystal glass... and perhaps cuddling. (You are talented. I am sure you can manage all three). He has ensured that he wants this anniversary to be purrrfect.


Your dad calls to inform you that he and your sister are stopping by your home for only 30 minutes, precisely at 6:30, as they make their way across the country to some other remote location.

You know your sister will probably stay up until the wee hours of the night, wondering at all the possibilites you two can fulfill in half an hour. In other words, you know your sister will have high expectations that you will be there. You would hate to imagine those round brown eyes filling up with salty tears. Your significant other, noticing your troubled look, asks what's wrong.

When you explain the situation, his eyes fill with disappointment and dismay. Forcing a smile on his face, he tells you that whatever you choose will be fine with him, although you can tell he is lying (He's a bad liar). He gives you a brief, tight hug and turns away from you, suddenly becoming interested in the ceiling. From behind, you get a clear look of a corner of the misshapen rectangular figure, that was supposedly his wallet, jetting out from the openings of his pocket. It is the corner of dark blue velvet box...

What do you do?
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